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Laptop Writing

SimpleSteps to

Stop Scams

Latest scams and security tips to protect you and your finances. Learn how to keep you, your computer and loved ones safe.


Hearing Loss the Silent Epidemic

Hearing loss can lead to social isolation. Learn about the epidemic and new affordable technology that can help.


SimpleSteps to Using Facebook

Learn about Facebook privacy, apps and advertising settings. Personalize your page, learn to post and connect with friends.

SimpleSteps to Google Earth/Maps

Google Earth lets you view anywhere with satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, etc. Let's go sightseeing together!

Community Service

SimpleActs of Kindness

Discover ways we can all help change the world and bring positivity to our lives. Let's share stories and create smiles.



Virtual Reality

Thanks to MyndVR we no longer have to miss out due to physical limitations. Beneficial for anxiety, Alzheimer's, depression and more.


SimpleSteps to Amazon Echo/Dot

What positive role can 'Alexa' play in the lives of seniors? Let me show you how easy it is to set-up and use Alexa in your daily life.


SimpleSteps to Face Time & Skype

Discover ways to visually communicate with your loved ones when you are not near. See how easy Face Time & Skype can be. 


SimpleSteps to YouTube

Discover all the YouTube has to movies, old tv shows, take a course, explore foreign lands, or laugh at silly acts. 

memory lane.jpg

Recalling the past 100 Years

Let's spark memories together! Reminisce and reflect on nostalgic items and events. Share your stories with us.

Just a note of thanks for helping me set up my e-mail account. You made something very difficult, very easy for me to follow through with. You're a good teacher - thanks again!


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