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Deva World

Come into Deva World... & make it yours.


Meaningful connections between caregivers and loved ones using the world’s first dementia-friendly therapeutic 3D world.


This state-of-the-art care companion tool delivers evidence-based therapies, like music and reminiscence, to seniors with dementia and other cognitive challenges.


Easy to set up – fun to use – works on Apple and Android tablets.


A dashboard allows you to create a loved one’s profile and life story with pictures and preferred content. Deva World provides real-time indicators of wellbeing which you can store and share.


Transform active aging in your community!

Enable positive social interactions and new learning experiences by supporting physical, cognitive and emotional well-being in a safe memory care environment. 

Spiro100 improves balance, strength, endurance and flexibility for all ages and abilities. Reduce stress, alleviate pain and anxiety, and improve sleep through our mindfulness exercises. Our programs support and maintain memory and brain wellness with cognitive stimulation. 

Pricing varies based on individual needs. Contact for demonstration.


Create engaging senior living experiences!!

Research shows Eversound improves engagement.  Communities report quantitative improvements in engagement, socialization, and attendance when using Eversound.


According to a research study by LCB Senior Living

  • 28% Increase in resident engagement

  • 17% Fewer residents falling asleep


According to a study by Commonwealth Senior Living
  • 20% Increase in attendance

Pricing varies based on individual needs. Contact for demonstration.

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