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Kathy Helgerson

A passionate, caring technology consultant... 


Hi, I'm Kathy and I tutor, troubleshoot and help people with technology frustrations. I also strive to bring the latest technologies to our aging gracefully generation.


I graduated with an Associate Degree in Business Administration at Western Technical College. My sophomore year in high school, I was hired by a local retail pharmacy chain which resulted in 39 years of dedication. 


Today, I "simply"motivate people to embrace today's technologies and fight their fears and complacency. Oh, what fun we have!!!

Why SimpleSteps?

After moving my mother to Assisted Living in early 2015, I found myself helping the residents with their devices and introducing them to all the fun activities and apps available. Thanks to UWL-SBDC, SimpleSteps to Technology quickly became MY REALITY! I AM A PROUD BUSINESS OWNER!


I am having the time of my life helping clients overcome their obstacles and simplifying their world of technology.
I eliminate problems, confusion, distractions, and frustrations.


I am grateful to be a person intrigued by technology and thrilled to bring simplicity and fun into the lives of my clients.

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